The Electric Sun ~ Conspiracy Or Cover-Up❔

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Signs 66 – Have We Entered a Nemesis Dust Bowl? : Your Own World USA

The AMS fireball numbers are up and as to the USGS data, please don’t get us started. That’s worrisome enough but now breaking news from a reliable mainstream source indicates that we may have entered a Nemesis dust bowl. Sadly, this information is easily overlooked, but for researcher J.P. Jones, it set off an alarm […]

Are expiring copyrights the next goldmine for NFTs?

Although non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are most commonly known in the form of digital art, they exist in many other forms and represent much more than just art.  In the creative industry, NFTs have been used by musicians such as Kings of Leon to release their latest album. In the sports industry, NFTs are created to […]

NASA WON'T build a Moonbase without Starship, JAXA the ESA and a better Artemis!

NASA talks about Artemis Base Camp and going to the Moon to stay, but here’s why it will never happen without significant changes. But there are solutions! Starship, JAXA and the ESA can make a new and better Artemis!! #nasa #space #spacex Support my channel! EARLY VIDEO RELEASES AND EXCLUSIVE CONTENT PLUS 15% OFF MERCH! […]