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What Are Those Things? If those things are real then…

Corsair is here welcome to my new video .Alien Life believers browsing through NASA images from an Apollo mission and believe they have hit the jackpot in the hunt for extraterrestrials. The supposed proof comes in with few pictures. This was evidence enough for certain conspiracy theorists who believe it is an alien base. The […]

Medieval Manuscripts Are Full of Knights Fighting Snails

The next time you’re looking through an illuminated manuscript, keep an eye out for images of medieval knights fighting off snails. Of all the villains in the world, these may not have been the first to come to mind. Nevertheless, as someone with a bizarre phobia of the slimy creatures, it makes perfect sense to […]

This Is F*cking Insane!

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Farsight Human News Forecast: August 2022

Farsight’s Web Site: Farsight’s Streaming Service: Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video): ⦁ Introduction – 0:00 ⦁ Kahmia Dunson Session – 15:39 ⦁ Yeme Jeaneé – 25:35 ⦁ Intysam – 33:24 ⦁ Aziz Brown Session – 44:14 ⦁ Shantae – 50:20 ⦁ Summary Comments – 1:07:27 Subscribe to Farsight YouTube Channel: […]

The worst places to keep your crypto wallet seed phrase

Under the mattress, in the seams of a piece of luggage or even rolled into a cigar, what are the worst and best ways for keeping a seed phrase safe? The key to unlocking and recovering cryptocurrency, a seed phrase, should be secured and safe.  Especially now that prices are low and the crypto tourists […]

Farsight ET News Forecast: July 2022 – In the Middle of the Night TRAILER

This is the trailer for the full-length ET News forecast that can be found Farsight’s Streaming Service: Farsight’s Web Site: Subscribe to Farsight YouTube Channel: Subscribe to Farsight’s FREE newsletter: TWITTER: @farsightprime Instagram: @farsightprime (main Instagram page, syfy images and content) @farsightremoteviewing (remote viewers) and @farsightinstitute (projects page) TWITTER: @farsightprime source