Pembroke Castle Revealing A Secret Of Henry VII’s Birthplace

Situated on a high ridge between two tidal inlets in the south-west corner of Wales, Pembroke Castle, with its walls still standing sentinel after hundreds of years, dominates the landscape. These walls stand as silent witnesses to a narrative of pre-historic occupation as well as centuries of tumultuous history; to the power of William Marshall, […]

Slavoj Žižek – Pacifism is the wrong response to the war in Ukraine

In this controversial piece published in The Guardian, 21 June 2022, Žižek offers a convincing case that full support for Ukraine is the proper leftist response to Putin’s aggression. Lennon, Putin, Peter the Great, Trump, Kissinger, Chomsky, Mélenchon, Le Pen, Bush, Zelensky, Saddam Hussein, Assange, Priti Patel, Nathan Hodge, Andrew Stanton, WikiLeaks, global warming, Bucha, […]