Bitcoin Irrational Optimism Spirit – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Aleks Svetski, author of “The UnCommunist Manifesto,” founder of The Bitcoin Times and Host of the “Wake Up Podcast with Svetski.” I just came back from incline sprints and chin-up burpees, at 1:30 p.m. in 103 degree Texas heat, listening to “Through the Fire,” “Push it to the Limit” […]

436-Year-Old Neapolitan Mummy Found To Have E. Coli Hidden in Gallstone

Escherichia coli, popularly known as E. coli , is a bacteria that is commonly found in the lower intestine of healthy, warm-blooded organisms. Most E. coli bacteria are harmless, but a few have the potential to cause serious food poisoning and digestion trouble. Heavily studied since the 19th century, the evolutionary history of the pathogen […]

Meta set to begin testing NFTs on Instagram Stories with Spark AR

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, announced Wednesday that it will begin testing NFTs on Instagram Stories using its augmented reality platform Spark AR. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said of the news, “We’re expanding our test so more creators around the world can display their NFTs on Instagram.” The company also stated in an announcement, “Creators and collectors will be able […]

Pembroke Castle Revealing A Secret Of Henry VII’s Birthplace

Situated on a high ridge between two tidal inlets in the south-west corner of Wales, Pembroke Castle, with its walls still standing sentinel after hundreds of years, dominates the landscape. These walls stand as silent witnesses to a narrative of pre-historic occupation as well as centuries of tumultuous history; to the power of William Marshall, […]