‘Meat Eater’ Sarcophagi in Turkey Turned Bodies to Skeletons in 40 Days

In the ancient city of Assos in Turkey there existed a bizarre phenomenon – the stone sarcophagi within the Assos necropolis could decompose bodies unusually fast. Instead of taking between 50 and 200 years for the bodies inside to disintegrate, they took just 40 days. Hence, they became known as σαρκο φαγοσ (‘sarko fagos’) in […]

“I Never Thought I Would Say This. I Can’t Believe It Too. But Here We Go…”

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Mars Experts Look at the Martian Surface and Find a Stack of HUGE Anomalies

For decades scientists have told us that no life has ever existed on the red planet. However, in recent years, especially since the mars rover has been roaming around Mars, eagle eyed researchers have found all manner of strange artefacts. These include the ruins of what looks like temples and pyramids on the Martian surface. […]

Educating the Bitcoin ‘minors’ of the future

The crypto winter is here. It’s a trying time as prices grind down, but it’s the best moment to build and learn. For some Bitcoiners, the bear market is a time to plant trees or create memes. For those with kids, it’s a welcome recess used to broaden the minds’ of Bitcoin (BTC) minors.  Cointelegraph spoke […]

🧱 Impossible Prehistoric Advanced Walls 🧱

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Binance Suspends Direct Deposits and Withdrawals in Brazil – Bitcoin News

Binance announced this week that the direct withdrawal and deposits were suspended in Brazil. The exchange issued a statement where it announced that this was the result of a change in the payments partner in the country and that it will be taking legal steps against it. However, the partner states that Binance did not […]

Tips For Building A Business On Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the flagship cryptocurrency. It provides simple and near-instant money transfers between individuals and entities. As such, bitcoin gives businesses the opportunity to engage with Generation Z like never before. Your company can start using bitcoin and reap the benefits of doing so long into the future. To understand why, let’s answer some of […]