Why Does Boeing's Starliner Not Look Burned After Reentry

A simple question which lead me to talk about heat shielding on many different capsules over the years. Boeing’s spacecraft uses a non-ablative heatshield on the backshell partly because it has lower thermal loads compared to Dragon thanks to a shallower cone angle. And that’s where I started….. Follow me on Twitter for more updates: […]

Cattle deaths explained? NASA warns of deadly magnetosphere “rifts” that allow intense solar radiation to wipe out large numbers of animals on Earth – NaturalNews.com

(Natural News) The mysterious cattle deaths that took place over the weekend in Kansas — now rumored to exceed 10,000 head of cattle — have defied traditional explanations. The official story is that high heat killed the cattle, but I have now personally talked with two owners of cattle in Texas who have both confirmed […]