Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Contains New Features For Optimizing Bitcoin Coinjoins

Wasabi Wallet has released the newest version of its bitcoin hot-wallet, focused on accessible coinjoining features and an improved user experience. Coinjoining is automatic, though users can turn the function off, but users cannot select the UTXOs they wish to coinjoin. Wasabi Wallet 2.0 has a 0.3% coordination fee and preset options to optimize the […]

Atlantic Council looks at how to maintain central bank digital currency cybersecurity

The U.S. thinktank Atlantic Council released a report Wednesday on cybersecurity issues related to central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The authors provide a generalized discussion of CBDC security, but with a clear focus on the United States and issues specific to it. They determined that the security risks presented by a CBDC depend heavily on […]

They Can't Be THIS DUMB??

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