Bombshell Twitter thread reveals deep ties between Nazi Germany’s V-2 rockets, US nuclear weapons and missile tech –

(Natural News) A lengthy Twitter thread posted by a user called Charles Wing-Uexküll unveiled remarkable details about a post-World War II program to bring former Nazi scientists to the United States where they were put on U.S. government payroll to help America develop then-nascent missile and nuclear weapons technology. The program called “Operation Paperclip” was a secret […]

“First of Its Kind” 2600-BC King Khufu Evidence Found In Cairo!

Artifacts belonging to the era of King Khufu (also known as Cheops), who ruled sometime in the 26th century BC or nearly 4,500 years ago, have been discovered in Cairo’s Ayn-Shams neighborhood by the joint German-Egyptian Archaeological Mission. Ayn-Shams, literally meaning “Eye of the Sun” in Arabic, was part of the ancient city of Heliopolis, […]

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QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY At the smallest size, everything in the universe is energy that travels in waves. The universe is not static … source

'The View's' Sunny Hostin Shares Her Hilarious Dream 2024 Dem Ticket | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of “The View’s” Sunny Hostin sharing her 2024 dream ticket of Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg and why she would vote for Gavin Newsom. ———- Watch Dave’s FULL DIRECT MESSAGE here: ———- Watch The Rubin Report on BlazeTV: ———- The Direct Message segments of the […]

War of the Gods DOCUMENTARY 2022 The Ancient Alien Battle for Earth

Erich Von Daniken reveals more fascinating discoveries regarding Earth’s ancient and mysterious past. One of the most incredible revelations is that there was once a tremendous battle for Earth’s resources between two competing alien civilizations. This conflict accounts not only for the asteroid belt but also for many ancient underground cities we see across the […]

Bitcoin Jumps As Fed Raises Interest Rates By 0.75%

The Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) raised its target interest rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday, the largest rate hike since 1994. The raise came in line with market expectations that foresaw a more hawkish committee in action as latest inflation figures came above expectations, marking a new 40-year high at 8.6%. FOMC Chair […]