Big Tech censorship expands into fairy tale realm of “climate change” – anyone who doesn’t believe the lies will be silenced –

(Natural News) Gina McCarthy, the Biden regime’s national climate adviser, is calling on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to start censoring critics of the climate change cult and their wild global warming doctrines. Even though Facebook already tried this several years back by pulling in third-party “fact checkers” to review posts and comments […]

BOLT FUN Hosts Lightning Network Hackathon Starting June 16

BOLT FUN is hosting its second virtual Lightning Network hackathon beginning on Thursday, June 16. The event known as Shock The Web 2 is meant to on-board new builders into the Bitcoin Lightning Network ecosystem. The event will last four days with notable industry speakers and thought leaders and will offer up to $2,600 in […]

Sanxingdui Excavation Pits Reveal Sophisticated Ancient Civilization

An advanced 3,000-year-old Chinese culture, whose existence was not known about until the 1980s, has been further revealed by recent excavations. Apparently, the existence of the highly developed southwest Chinese Sanxingdui civilization, in Sichuan province, was omitted from official records, despite hundreds of years of flourishing development! On Monday last, at the Sanxingdui ruins, Chinese […]

Collecting Mesoamerican Art, 1940–1968: Forging a Market in the United States and Mexico (Day 2)

The second international symposium of the Getty Research Institute’s Pre-Hispanic Art Provenance Initiative focuses on collecting practices in Mexico and the United States, when Hollywood luminaries and international collectors developed a taste for ancient Mexican art. By the 1960s, the pre-Hispanic past underpinned Mexican national identity, gained new audiences in international museums, and played a […]