Bitcoin Needs Better Privacy For Fungibility

Aneta Karbowiak has been writing articles about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2018. When Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the Bitcoin white paper, he thought of a permissionless system to exchange electronic cash trustlessly. Today, Bitcoin has become a symbol of freedom, and as Edward Snowden says, “Liberty is freedom from permission.” By building a transparent, verifiable ledger, […]

The Stellar Tableau Behind The “Woman-Child-Dragon” Apocalyptic Vision Of Revelation

Comprehending the meaning behind the mysterious imagery in the Book of Revelation remains one of the most challenging facets of New Testament scholarship, and one scene in particular continues to confound theologians: the “Woman-Child-Dragon” vignette of Revelation 12:1-6 :  There a “ great sign was seen in heaven,” consisting of a pregnant woman crying out […]

MoneyGram’s USDC transfer service launches in several countries

Cross-border transfer service MoneyGram officially launched its stablecoin-powered payment channel on Friday, giving users the ability to send USD Coin (USDC) payments worldwide that can be withdrawn as cash by recipients.  The service is being rolled out across several key remittance markets, including Canada, the United States, Kenya and the Philippines, Circle and MoneyGram announced […]

The Only Way To Prepare Yourself Emotionally & Mentally For What's Coming. Be Ready People..

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