Trillions of Microplastic Particles Spread on Land Used to Grow Food – David Icke

Plastic particles smaller than 5mm (known as microplastics) are well-documented pollutants in ocean and freshwater habitats. The discovery of microplastics in the most remote rivers of the Himalayas and the deepest trenches of the Pacific Ocean has sparked widespread concern. But how much microplastic lies closer to home — buried in the soil where food […]

Advanced Ruins Left By A Pre-Flood Civilization? 🛕

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Bitcoin’s Energy Use is a Feature Not a Bug

Mickey Koss is a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. He spent four years in the Infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. In a recent article titled “Bitcoin Is Not a Store-of-Value,” an author going by the name of 0xStacker provided a seemingly well-reasoned critique of Bitcoin, equating its energy usage to […]

Divers Find Famous Lost HMS Gloucester Shipwreck off the English Coast

The Gloucester was a 17th century warship that sunk to the bottom of the sea 340 years ago off the coast of Norfolk in the United Kingdom, with over well over 100 passengers dying. This maritime accident became quite famous, since the ship just happened to be transporting the future king of England, James Stuart […]

Armstrong tweets in public airing of Coinbase’s internal discontent

A disgruntled Coinbase employee, identified only as 0x58E3, created a petition on on Thursday calling for the removal of three company executives. The petition, titled Operation Revive COIN, has been taken down, but it was captured by the Internet Archive and other websites. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded to it at length on Twitter.  […]

NASA's chief scientist Said Something Unbelievable!!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video NASA’s chief scientist Dr Jim Green is optimistic that the next rovers to visit Mars will find evidence of alien life.The search for life on Mars could be about to yield some very interesting results thanks to two new rovers that will be heading to the Red […]

Bitcoin Needs Better Privacy For Fungibility

Aneta Karbowiak has been writing articles about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2018. When Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the Bitcoin white paper, he thought of a permissionless system to exchange electronic cash trustlessly. Today, Bitcoin has become a symbol of freedom, and as Edward Snowden says, “Liberty is freedom from permission.” By building a transparent, verifiable ledger, […]