David Wilcock Hangout: Stunning Bobcat Sighting! (1:08 secs)

On January 15th, a stunning wild bobcat sauntered past while David was working at the table. We have since learned it is natural and beautiful for the cat to ‘identify’ as Bobby. David immediately grabbed the camera to film Bobby, and the rest is history! In this case, since the original is hard to see, […]

European Inflation Skyrockets to Record 7.5% — ECB Chief Lagarde Expects Energy Prices to ‘Stay Higher for Longer’ – Economics Bitcoin News

While inflation continues to roar in the U.S., the inflation rate in the eurozone tapped another high last month reaching 7.5% in March. Energy and food prices have soared throughout the 19 member state economies, and ​​European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde expects energy prices to “stay higher for longer.” Eurozone Inflation Continues to Climb, […]


Bitcoin (BTC) is attempting to hold above its closest support level, and traders are watching to see if the price can remain strong and close above the 2022 yearly open price at $46,200 for the second week in a row. April has historically been the best performing month of the year for the S&P 500, […]

Science Reveals Smells from Ancient Egyptian Tombs

Scents, aromas, and odors are a profound aspect of the human experience and have been so from our very beginnings. Advances in biomolecular and “omics” science now provide scientists with the means to recreate past smells, even tomb smells, which add to our understanding of ancient societies and  lifestyles. Olfaction is an emerging field in […]