Zahi Hawass Creeps In To See 'StarGate' Under Sphinx?🌀

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Chris Hedges DELETED From YouTube!

Award-winning journalist and bestselling author Chris Hedges has been effectively silenced by YouTube, with six years’ worth of … source

"Putin's Price Hike" BULLSH*T

Surely you’ve noticed – prices are going up everywhere. Is this solely the result of the pandemic and Ukraine, or are corporations shamelessly using inflation and war as a cover to gain record profits? #Inflation #PriceHikes #Biden #Putin #Russia #Ukraine References,-By%20Manuel%20Bojorquez&text=The%20cost%20of%20putting%20food,compared%20with%20a%20year%20ago. At Least 100 House Members Are Invested in […]

The Pivot Back To COVID!

Covid’s back! The Biden Administration staged a high profile press availability for the President to get another covid shot and to announce a new government website devoted to getting Americans shots, masks and tests. Late in the game? No! The FDA is expected to announce yet ANOTHER covid booster will be available this fall. Also […]

Slavoj Zizek vs Vivek Chibber: What Is Ideology?

Slavoj Zizek and Vivek Chibber debate the role of ideology in promoting capitalist stability. Does capitalist ideology prevent workers from rising up? Or does the class structure within capitalism make non-collective forms of resistance, or worse, resignation, more likely than collective action? Subscribe to the channel and hit the like button! Subscribe to Jacobin in […]

Sadhguru Reveals A Superfood That Kept Him Energized All Day

Sadhguru looks back at an amazing journey in his life, when he spent weeks in the forests of the Western Ghats, and speaks about a superfood which he consumed every day to keep himself energized. To watch this video in Tamil – Save Soil, a global movement envisioned by Sadhguru, seeks to bring about […]