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Hello, my amateur astronomer in this complete training was able to record these images with his telescope of the moon, and there I find and take several pictures of this structure inside a real crater, you have the best opinion of course until ‘By the time we get there, we’ll find out what it’s all about, it’s very impressive for me, it strikes me as remarkable.
My amateur astronomer named Eric in shock with his telescope managed to record in one of the craters on the moon what could be man-made structures using this specialized optical equipment, he managed to focus on one crater from our natural satellite and something caught his eye. Within it, a series of structures that seem man-made due to their appearance could be clearly seen in the center, we can see in the approach, seven structures that amateur astronomer Eric defined as rounded at the top, and we can see them, appreciate them with greater definition.
It is observed that the crater is of considerable dimensions, therefore these structures must also be of large size. This suggests that what is observed inside the crater on the surface of the moon has an artificial origin. In other words, it was made by someone but on the moon, it’s amazing this new evidence is released a few days after a revealing image was exposed, captured by the lunar rover Yutu 2 or the jade rabbit from the Chinese space agency which is already touring the hidden side of the selenite surface right now pictured.
It is possible to see on the lunar horizon a strange cube-shaped structure that stands out clearly on the surface according to reports, this anomaly is 80 meters away, and it is estimated that the rover will approach this point in a month and a half since the Yutu 2 only has the capacity to cover one meter per day, the Chinese rover has started to explore the far side of the moon,
on January 3, 2019, and the discovery of this structure was made in the field, during a routine examination in the images that regularly sends a structure possibly of artificial origin, put by someone there in the same way that we can see these mysterious structures inside this crater, that also reveals to us the possibility that there is a non-human activity that has already been established on the moon for a long time.

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